Consultations and therapy sessions

Consultations are available by phone, video-conferencing, or personally, face-to-face.

FREE Discovery Chat

Book a 15-minute FREE chat so that you have a chance to discover more about what I do and how, and to see if we are a good fit for each other and whether I am able to help with the particular wellness target that you see for yourself.


15-minute FREE Discovery session

This 15-minute FREE session will help you to discover what I do and how, plus whether I am able to help with your wellness target, and generally to find out if we are a good fit for each other.

Qest4 Bio-energetic/ bio-resonance scans

Plus Rebalancing Imprints and Wellness Plan

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Anne is now offering bio-resonance/ bio-energetic scans and rebalancing (also available remotely) using the Qest4, the renowned top worldwide system of this kind.

Each gland, organ, and type of body-tissue has its own optimal bio-resonance/ bio-energetic frequency.

"Wellness" is a state where there is "dynamic balance" in body-tissue, at each their own optimal bio-resonance. 

When there are toxins, food sensitivities, inflammation, pathogens, and deficiencies present the cellular energy balance is disrupted and imbalanced. The imbalances are detected by the Qest4.

The Qest4 system that Anne uses helps to re-balance areas when imbalanced. Qest4 screening will identify energetic imbalances but does not diagnose any disease in the body. 

Your "innate intelligence" is what is operating and controlling your body (coping with whatever is thrown at it to the best of its ability) and is also what interacts with the Qest4 in the scans.

 As well as being given rebalancing imprints, you will receive some suggestions based on the report from Qest4, plus additional recommendations in printed form to further help you on your journey towards your aims.

More information?

If you would like more information about, "Remote testing" (generally using a hair sample) please send Anne an e-mail. See below.

To read more about Qest4 scanning click on the button, Qest4 bio-resonance info" below.

Therapy sessions

PEMF and Rife

The following therapies are non-invasive and can be very helpful for pain, injuries, lack of energy, and various other symptoms, disorders, and conditions.

Pulsed Electro-magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

PEMF therapy opens up the tiny pores in the cell walls to allow nutrients into the cells and toxins out. PEMT is very beneficial from the cellular level upwards and can be extremely helpful for the treatment of pain, inflammation, injuries, and much more.

Rife bio-energetic therapy

Each gland, organ, and type of body tissue has its own optimal bio-resonance frequency and Rife therapy corrects frequency imbalances to return individual cells to a healthy function.

There are multiple disorders and conditions, as well as pain and inflammation that can be optimally improved by the therapy, assisting the body's innate healing process.

You can find out more about the benefits of PEMF or Rife bio-energetic therapy, by clicking first on the "Health articles" button below, then searching for "PEMF" or "Rife". 

Prices for therapy

Therapy sessions start at 25 euros for 25 minutes duration, 40 euros for 45 minutes.

You can send Anne an e-mail to find out more about longer sessions. See the button below.

Genetic test result interpretation service, Opening offer - 45 euros

Find out what your results mean and how they can help you

So, you have your genetic test results, but now what?........

Or are you thinking of getting tests done and wondering what the benefits might be?

Everyone has genetic variants but not very many variants are of importance to your health. Many of them do not have much effect or indeed may be beneficial. 

It can be important though to know about the genetic variants that may affect your health (particularly if suffering from significant problematic symptoms) and to know which ones you can do something about, plus knowing what you can do.

Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics

It has been found over the past decades that certain nutrients are needed by the various processes in the body and that your diet and lifestyle can affect how genes work and this is known as epigenetics. The study of this is called nutrigenomics, which is what I use to develop a plan to help people who have genetic variants which are causing issues. 

There can be significant benefits of getting your test results interpreted and I can help you on your journey.

Genetic variants are often known as SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) and can have an effect on the body as they may be in charge of controlling the "speed" at which an enzyme works.

Enzymes are what control how the body works, in digesting food, metabolism of chemicals,  forming of hormones, and much more.

Take for example one of the better-known SNPs, MTHFR. This variant can be the cause of many unwanted behaviors in conditions such as ADHD.

Once acknowledged and understood as being present a lifestyle and dietary plan can be developed for the person with the MTHFR variant, which can make huge beneficial differences to a person's life, and return normality to those around them too. 

If you have genetic results from 23andMe or Ancestry.com I can help you with an interpretation. It is a quite simple process of uploading your genetic test raw results to a website.

Initial Consultation 90 minutes - 90 euros/£80

Comprehensive review of health history

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In your initial 90-minute session, we will review together in-depth your health history, plus discover your goals and life purpose so that I can develop a personalised well-being support plan for you to follow.

The plan may itemise small changes you can make to your life-style, diet support, exercise, and much more.

My aim is to find the root cause of your health problem so that I can guide you in ways that you can support your body and mind to help you to reach your optimal wellness, to give you lots of energy, mental clarity, and quality sleep.

Subsequent sessions will normally be 45 minutes but may in some instances be 30, or 60 minutes depending on the requirements. 

The consultations are available by phone, video-conferencing, or *personally, face-to-face.

*according to current local regulations and restrictions at the time.

45-minute Consultation

A normal length, follow-on 45-minute long session, in which we catch up with progress together and assess the route to take for further improvements.

A personalised adapted protocol plan with an outline of what we discussed will follow after each session.

Short 30-minute Consultation

Cost 35 euros

A short 30-minute long session can sometimes be necessary or sufficient for quick adjustments to a plan, in which we catch up with progress and assess the route to take for further improvements. An adapted personalised plan and outline of what we discussed will follow the session.

60-minute Consultation

60 euros

A 60-minute session can sometimes be necessary or desirable when there is more we need to catch up on with progress so that we can assess the route to take for further improvements.

An adapted personalised protocol plan plus an outline of what we discussed will follow each session.