Frequently Asked Questions


What conditions can be helped by Functional Medicine?

Most conditions can be helped by altering lifestyle, diet and environment such as "leaky gut", IBS, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and so many more.

Coaching, in the Functional Medicine sense, is

Step 1  Discovering what the root causes of the symptoms and behaviour are that are being exhibited,

Step 2  Empowering the client to wellness by showing them how, by making changes to lifestyle, correcting deficiencies and diet, the body is helped to do what it does best once it is balanced, heal itself.

Is there any online appointment form?

Yes, there is. See the button below.

There is a free service for those who can show that they are special people who struggle to use our services in the normal way.

What is ADHD/ADD?

ADHD/ADD affects children and teenagers and may continue into adulthood. ADD/ ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed condition often thought of as a "disorder" of children.  They may be hyperactive, unable to concentrate or control their impulses.  These behaviours commonly interfere with school and home life.

ADHD/ADD should be considered as "condition"s, and not "disorders" because they can be ameliorated by changing lifestyle, diet and correcting deficiencies.